The MeasurementWareWeb component library

MeasurementWare™ Web is an active component of the Web Application Trace Explorer that is installed in an IIS web site to process Yahoo boomerang web beacons. These are GET Requests issued by the boomerang script that contain Real User Measurements (RUM) encoded as parms appended to the GET Request. Any web pages where you have included the boomerang.js scripts will measure the page load time of your web application and send web beacons to a URL of your own choosing.

Prior to enabling the boomerang scripts to gather page load time measurements, install the MeasurementWare ™ Web component into the IIS web site where these web beacon GET Requests are directed. The MeasurementWareWebSerevices.dll exposes a class called BoomerangBeacon that supports the IHttpModule interface that will intercept and the process the boomerang web beacon GET Requests. After copying the MeasurementWareWebServices.dll to the \Bin folder of your IIS web site, you install the BoomerangBeacon class into IIS by adding a Module setting to the web.config file:

     <add name=”MeasurementWareWebServices” type=”MeasurementWareWebServices.BoomerangBeacon”/>

When installed in IIS, the MeasurementWare ™ Web will generate an ETW event that records the RUM data in the event payload for each web beacon that it processes. In order to generate the ETW events, the MeasurementWare ™ Web component includes an ETW Provider registered under the name of MeasurementWareWeb. To register the Provider on a Windows machine, issue the following commands at a command prompt:

     copy MeasurementWareWebServices.dll %TEMP%

     wevtutil im MeasurementWareWebManifest.xml

The Web Application Trace Explorer includes an ETW Listener that will gather the MeasurementWareWeb events and process and report on them. After processing a trace file that includes web beacon RUM events, the Web Application Trace Explorer generates a Web Beacon Summary report summarizing page load times for each URL that was active during the tracing interval, as illustrated here:

BoomerangBeacon Summary Report Screenshot 2014-11-03 14.19.50


along with a detail report that also shows the server-side HTTP events that are associated with the web page load time reported in the web beacon:

Web beacon detail report Screenshot 2015-01-01 10.18.48

Contact Sales at to obtain a free, evaluation copy of the Web Application Trace Explorer, built with MeasurementWare™ Web components..

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