Hyper-V performance: CPU Priority scheduling options

Finally, let’s look at how effective the Hyper-V processor scheduling priority settings are at insulating preferred guest machines from the performance impact of an under-provisioned (or over-committed) Hyper-V Host machine. As discussed earlier, Hyper-V virtual processor scheduling options include allowing you to prioritize the workloads from guest machines that are resident… Continue reading

Hyper-V Performance: Understanding guest machine performance, Part III

In this post, the baseline measurements discussed in the previous post are compared to results for an under-provisioned guest machine in order to characterize the performance delays guest machines encounter when workloads execute under virtualization. This post also reports benchmark results reflecting both an efficiently provisioned Hyper-V Host and an over-committed one…. Continue reading

Over-provisioned Hyper-V Hosts: Understanding Guest Machine Performance, Part II

This long post discusses guest machine performance under Hyper-V looks when there is an over-provisioned Hyper-V Host. When there is an over-provisioned Hyper-V Host, guest machine workloads are subject to a minimal performance penalty, which I will attempt to quantify. This is the eighth post in a series on Hyper-V performance…. Continue reading