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Several older articles that might be of interest are available for download here. They way I tend to work is that blog entries are sometimes early drafts of a work in progress. Where these articles overlap with topics I blogged about, they should represent more of a finished product than the related blog entries and often contain additional sections that never, for one reason or another, quite made it to a blog posting. Over time, I will try to put together a more definitive list. But, for now…

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Title: Measuring Processor Utilization in Windows Publication Date: 2011 Link:  Download

Title: Performance Management in the Virtual Data Center — Virtual memory management Publication Date: 2013 Link: Download

Title: Introduction to SAN capacity planning Publication Date: 2001 Link: Download

Title: Mainstream NUMA and the TCP/IP Networking stack Publication Date: 2009 Link: Download.

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  1. Stephen Marksamer says:

    This is a terrific site! Your contributions go way beyond comment. I was following up on your response to my request for memory estimation direction. You pointed to this site and recommended “Performance Management in the Virtual Data Center — Virtual memory management” . However, in the Article Index, I attempt to download, using the button provided, and get directed to a page that says I must log in first. I do not see any log in capability. Please let me know what I’m doing wrong or way around this “feature”.
    I hope you are doing well and wish you a Happy New Year!

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