High Resolution Clocks and Timers for Performance Measurement in Windows.

Within the discipline of software performance engineering (SPE), application response time monitoring refers to the capability of instrumenting application requests, transactions and other vital interaction scenarios in order to measure their response times. There is no single, more important performance measurement than application response time, especially in the degree which the consistency… Continue reading

Measuring thread execution state using trace events.

Continuing the discussion from the previous blog entry on event-driven approaches to measuring CPU utilization in Windows…  Besides measuring processor utilization at the system level, the stream of context switch events can also be re-constructed to drill into CPU consumption at the process and thread level. An exemplary example of… Continue reading

Measuring Processor Utilization in Windows and Windows applications: Part 1

Introduction. This blog entry discusses the legacy technique for measuring processor utilization in Windows that is based on sampling and compares and contrasts it to other sampling techniques. It also introduces newer techniques for measuring processor utilization in Windows that are event-driven. The event-driven approaches are distinguished by far greater accuracy. They… Continue reading