Upcoming presentation on web application performance: why is this web app running slowly?

The venue is the next Seattle Code Camp meeting on September 13 at Seattle University. See https://seattle.codecamp.us/Schedule for details. The presentation slides are available on SlideShare here. I am also scheduled to give a similar presentation at the October meeting of the local .NET Developer’s Association, to be held an the main Microsoft… Continue reading

How Windows performance counters are affected by running under VMware ESX

This post is a prequel to a recent one on correcting the Process(*)% Processor Time counters on a Windows guest machine. To assess the overall impact of the VMware virtualization environment on the accuracy of the performance measurements available for Windows guest machines, it is necessary to first understand how… Continue reading

Correcting the Process level measurements of CPU time for Windows guest machines running under VMware ESX

Recently, I have been writing about how Windows guest machine performance counters are affected by running in a virtual environment, including publishing two recent, longish papers on the subject, one about processor utilization metrics and another about memory management. In the processor utilization paper, (which is available here), it is… Continue reading