Hyper-V architecture

This is the second post in a series on Hyper-V performance. The series begins here. Hyper-V installs a hypervisor that gains control of the hardware immediately following a boot, and works in tandem with additional components that are installed in the Root partition. Hyper-V even installs a few components into Windows guest… Continue reading

Hyper-V Performance — Introduction

Recently, I put Microsoft’s Hyper-V virtualization technology through its paces, subjecting it to a series of CPU and memory stress tests. These tests are similar to the ones I used to evaluate the performance of VMware ESX and help me understand its impact on Windows guest machine performance. This blog entry… Continue reading

Presentations for the upcoming CMG conference are available on slideshare.net

I am presenting two topics at the Computer Measurement Group (CMG) annual conference this week, and I have just posted the slide decks I will be using on slideshare.net. The latest slide deck for Monitoring Web Application Response Times in Windows is available here. And the HTTP/2: Recent protocol changes and… Continue reading